Madden NFL 21 has spawned some of the most interesting glitches in recent video games, and players have not stopped sharing them. After its release, "Madden 21" was full of bugs and glitches, resulting in the game getting the worst user rating on Metacritic. Since then, EA has made many updates to the franchise model and solved many problems. However, the breakdown still exists, and the latest breakdown makes one of the best quarterbacks in the league look like one of the worst quarterbacks.

The Madden NFL 21 player shared his experience in a game that seemed to be a franchise. Super Bowl champion and MVP Patrick Mahomes was playing for the New York Jets and planned the Madden 21 Coins to confuse his opponent.

Mahomes is the highest scoring guard in Madden 21, scoring 99 points because he brings a game nightmare for anyone who can make accurate free throws and is threatened by running in any game, but in special games, Reddit user slipslap2 shared the ball. Raising, everyone except Mahomes was moving. In the first second of the game, it looks like Mahomes may participate in the QB draw, or it may pass the option. But he didn't move at all.

Glitch makes it easy for players to fire, but if it happens in multiple games, it will obviously be annoying. Although many of the recent franchise model failures have occurred outside of the gameplay, it is always interesting to see one during the game. Buy MUT 21 Coins can make your game process more exciting.