Spiral wound gaskets are semi-metal gaskets composed of a mixture of metal and filler materials. The metal of these gaskets is wound outward in a circular spiral. The filling material is wound in a similar way but starts from the opposite side to form alternating layers of metal and filling material. The metal used in these gaskets is usually a carbon-rich material or stainless steel, while the commonly used filler material is flexible graphite. The metal provides structural support for the equipment, while the filler acts as a sealing element. These semi-metal gaskets allow a lower clamping force than solid gaskets and are used in most applications. Even though they are a bit more expensive than other gaskets, people still prefer these semi-metal gaskets to other gaskets. Decoration engineering service is one of the most reliable Metal Jacketed Gaskets Manufacturers. Its products are very suitable for applications that require gaskets with the highest quality flexibility, so they can be used effectively under conditions of temperature and pressure fluctuations. This is our Spiral Wound Gaskets For Sale.

  How to manufacture spiral wound gaskets?

  As mentioned above, spiral wound gaskets are made by winding alternating strips of metal and filler material on an inner ring made of special steel. Although the basic materials are carbon-rich, stainless steel, and flexible graphite; these materials can be changed according to various factors. The main factors that help determine the material used include chemical compatibility, fluid concentration, corrosivity, operating temperature, and material cost. Because spiral wound gaskets depend on the mechanical properties of the formed metal spiral belt, they are particularly suitable for low or fluctuating bolt loads. However, it must be remembered that if you need an effective and long-lasting operation, the spiral must not be over-compressed. The complete gasket has a spiral shape of alternating metal and filler material and is installed in a steel ring of specified thickness. When the gasket is installed in the flange and the bolt load is applied, the outer steel ring seals the control flange. In order to further increase the pressure rating of the gasket, a steel ring can be added inside to prevent the winding from being polluted or any similar damage.

  Where are spiral wound gaskets used?

  Metal Jacketed Gaskets Manufacturers' spiral wound gaskets or semi-metal gaskets are designed for the widest range of temperature and pressure operating conditions. They are used for raised face flanges, male and female flanges, and tongue and groove flanges. They are also reliably used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications.