In modern cars, the constant speed universal joint transmission device is composed of constant speed universal joint, transmission shaft, and support. The constant speed universal joint connects two shafts and causes them to transmit motion at the same angular speed. Now, the car is almost a transportation tool for every household, so the universal joint has become particularly important, and the universal joint manufacturer is constantly developing.

Cross shaft universal joint is the first universal coupling used in production practice, is also the most widely used one. The main component of the cross shaft universal joint is composed of the main and passive forks and the cross shaft, and the cross shaft is the middle force element of the power transmission. By using the characteristics of its structure, it can make the two axes which are not the same axis or whose folding Angle is larger rotate at the same angular speed continuously, and transfer the torque and motion reliably. Its biggest characteristic is the ability to compensate the displacement in each direction is strong, the structure is compact, the transmission efficiency is high, maintenance is convenient. Widely used in metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, shipbuilding machinery, construction machinery, lifting and transport machinery, and other heavy machinery.

In addition to the cross shaft universal joint, there are constant speed universal joint, precision universal joint , etc., are one of the universal joint.