It is no stranger to mention that electric paint sprayer is used as electrostatic spraying equipment, but some small details are often life-threatening. Do you have many small pits when spraying the flat panel? Are you in the spray corner? The larger the amount of powder, the worse the spray is. Do you have uneven powder coverage when spraying small workpieces... etc. What are some good ways? LUXI spraying equipment is here to give you some points, maybe it is the key that you can't solve the problem.

1. Reasonably use the size of the nozzle of the electrostatic spraying machine

Generally, each spraying machine will have several nozzles of different sizes. What does it do? Many people in the spraying industry don’t know. Of course, they are all useful. Reasonable use will increase your work efficiency and cost. Will increase the quality of your products exponentially.

2. Use a large nozzle when spraying the plate

When spraying the plate, because the surface area of the plate is flat, the work efficiency is faster with a large nozzle

3. Use the middle nozzle when spraying corners

Use the middle nozzle when spraying the corners. If your product has more dead ends, then use the middle nozzle to spray into the dead corners better and make the layers in the dead corners more uniform.

4. Use a small nozzle when spraying small workpieces

Small products are small. If you want to use a large nozzle to work efficiently, it has the opposite effect. The surface of the product is unevenly sprayed, and there are some places where it can’t be sprayed. Then the small nozzle can solve these problems.

5. Use fan-shaped nozzles when spraying wide surface

The fan-shaped surface is small to large. If your product surface is relatively wide, such as a flat panel, then the fan-shaped nozzle is your best choice.

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