Being in front of the computer for a long time will cause certain damage to our health, so we need certain protection measures, such as a good game table and chair, and the ergonomic gaming desk is very good.

The ergonomic game table can protect your arms, elbows, etc. to the greatest extent. But in addition to these external conditions, sitting posture is also a very important part.

The correct angle of the back cushion should completely attach the entire back to the back cushion so that the back vertebrae can be relaxed to a certain extent, thereby effectively relieving the fatigue of the back vertebrae and preventing chest and back pain.

The correct waist height should be adjusted to the position of the third, fourth, and fifth lumbar vertebrae, because when the human body is in a sitting position, except for the legs and hips, the weight of the whole person is borne by the lumbar vertebrae, so it is correct The adjustment of waist height helps prevent tendon or fasciitis, intervertebral disc herniation, spine sliding, lumbar muscle sprain, degenerative spondylitis, sciatica, etc.

Of course, a good ergonomic gaming desk cannot be without a good ergonomic gaming chairs , a set of collocation will only be better.