The computerized embroidery machine is a typical mechatronics product. The entire embroidering process is automatically controlled by a computer, and multiple identical patterns can be embroidered at the same time, the production efficiency is combed, and the economic benefits are significant.

The computerized embroidery machine has the characteristics of simple structure, stable work, multiple functions, high degree of automation, easy operation and low noise. The computerized embroidery machine is also equipped with high-speed and low-speed idling functions, making mending and positioning very fast and convenient. His characteristics are specifically expressed as:

1. Excellent operability. The use of processing software makes embroidery work simple and easy to master. The use of display devices to a certain extent enhances the visualization of operations.

2. It has strong editing and storage functions. Compared with traditional embroidery machines, the computerized embroidery machine has a stronger memory capacity, can memorize nearly a hundred patterns, and has hundreds of thousands of stitches in memory to meet the needs of different customers.

3. Complete control system. The new computerized embroidery machine adopts advanced automatic control technology. The application of this advanced technology enables the embroidery machine to have excellent speed regulation performance, and its spindle can obtain step-less speed change.

4. During the embroidery process, the computerized embroidery machine can realize the functions of automatic thread trimming, automatic digging embroidery, automatic detection of broken threads, power failure protection, command skipping stitches, automatic shutdown due to errors, stitch compensation, cycle embroidery, pattern output, etc.

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