With outdoor garden tools, it's all about quality and durability. Need rakes, forks, shovels, pruners, or other garden tools? At Gardener's Edge, we've got you covered with well-crafted garden hand tools from the most trusted brands in the horticultural industry.

Garden Hoe

Let's begin with a classic: the age-old garden hoe. It's the quickest method for setting pits just below the surface of the soil, into which you'll later sprinkle seeds. Especially if you're plotting out a vegetable garden, this tool is a must-have for establishing and spacing your rows. It's also ideal for tasks like harvesting vegetables, shaping soil, spreading compost in tight spaces, and clearing old crops and weeds. While you can choose a short-handled or long-handled hoe , a longer handle will prevent back strain from bending and kneeling. Working with spacious areas such as vegetable gardens might require a wider blade, whereas for flower gardens, a delicate blade might be best.

Hand Trowel

Think of it as your handheld mini-shovel. Hand trowels are perfect for digging, transplanting, refilling, weeding, and even edging. You can relocate small plants, transfer dirt into pots, and plant bulbs or seedlings. Whether you're an urban gardener with a family of container plants on your porch or nursing a full plot in the backyard, this tool is an essential. Pro tip: Due to their size, hand trowels can become easily misplaced while working out in the garden, so one with a bright-colored handle could prove handy.

powerful chainsaw

A chainsaw can help you pruning trees and can also process trees into crafts.