According to China Transmission Chains Exporter , stainless steel chain is a common drive device. It uses hyperbolic arc chain design to reduce friction. It uses relatively large power and runs at a slower speed. It is obviously better than belt drive, but the speed cannot be too fast. Because the flexibility of the stainless steel sprocket wheel is not as good as the flexibility of the belt, experienced users know that the stainless steel sprocket is easy to loose in use, which is related to the accuracy of the stainless steel sprocket wheel.

Generally, manufacturing companies that use stainless steel industrial chain wheels have the following three aspects of accuracy management level. In order to improve the service life of the economic chain drive, it is recommended to manufacture stainless steel sprocket wheels and the tooth profile of steel chain sprocket wheels according to a first-order precision design Cut the stainless steel with an iron disc cutter. A stainless steel chain with a chain length of 1 is wound on a sprocket wheel with multiple teeth Z in China to study the dynamics when the traction member is wound on the driving wheel. The gears of the stainless steel chain are wound on stainless steel. At each time node of the chain to join.

The quality of stainless steel sprocket wheels is closely related to the effective use of stainless steel sprocket wheels, so as to ensure that the manufacture of stainless steel sprocket wheels meet the requirements and the safety procedures for heat treatment of stainless steel chains. Now, stainless steel chain manufacturers must understand the heat treatment procedures of stainless steel parts. Before use, It is necessary to verify whether the mechanical transmission parts are burned or corroded.

While checking the tension of the stainless steel chain, since the degree of cleanliness and corrosion between the various parts of the stainless steel chain can also be observed, if there is time, the stainless steel chain can be quickly cleaned and lubricated, and most models have fixing screws on the rear wheels.

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