Now, there are countless kinds of coating products on the coating market. As professional coating personnel, they should have their own set of coating selection methods. Those in the industry know that the choice of airless paint sprayer depends on the paint, and the coating effect depends on the paint. It can be seen that only when the correct paint is selected can the appropriate construction method be used to obtain a satisfactory coating.

There are many types of coatings on the market today, and there are many uses, so how do we choose? The key is to look at several key indicators of the coating, such as the viscosity of the coating. Zinc-rich coatings are extremely common in airless paint sprayers. So, how to distinguish between a real zinc-rich coating and a similar zinc-rich coating? Real zinc-rich paint usually contains a large amount of zinc powder, and its specific gravity is relatively large, so it is very easy to precipitate. The second is to check the viscosity of the coating. Generally, coatings with low viscosity require low pressure to atomize. Therefore, you can choose some machinery and equipment with a lower pressure ratio. On the contrary, for coatings with high viscosity, higher atomization pressure is often required, so an airless paint sprayer with a higher pressure ratio should be selected.

If we do not know how to determine the viscosity of the paint used in the spraying equipment, we can start from the design of the required paint thickness. If the coating thickness is generally required to be a thick paste coating, the required atomization pressure is higher, and the equipment with a higher pressure ratio should be used first; otherwise, the equipment with a lower pressure ratio should be selected. In addition, when coating the surface of some metal substrates such as steel drum steel plates, amino baking enamels are often used, which usually contain organic solvents. Therefore, from a safety point of view, a pneumatic airless paint sprayer should be selected.

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