This will undoubtedly cause a direct impact on the teaching effect and prevent students from getting real role training. Similarly, when designing the scene, it must be reasonable, and the designed scene should be consistent with the content of the assessment, otherwise it will make the students confused. It is helpful to cultivate students' interest and stimulate enthusiasm. Wanda Costume  Teachers are required to have superb design ability, otherwise there may be simplification, superficiality and false artificiality in the design. 

Role-playing activities do not have a positive effect on solving all management teaching, that is to say, only the theme suitable for role-playing can achieve the desired effect. The selected topics should try to let students have something to say and do; the tasks for students should not be too difficult or too easy, and should be slightly beyond the students’ ability, so that students have a kind of challenge and a sense of accomplishment. Champion of Cosplay Apply role-playing method to organize the teaching of human resource management courses, infiltrate students a sense of role in the teaching process, combine the management knowledge learned in class with students’ life experience, and let students experience management It is not a dry theory, but practical knowledge that is closely related to actual production and life, which can better improve students' ability to adapt to society and work.