One of the most notable aspects of the upcoming version of the game is that it will simplify the process of item trade-in. This will come courtesy of a new Trade In button that will be added to the Garage menu, and it will see items organised into three categories and by rarity: core items, tournament items, and blueprints.

Ahead of Season 3 going live in a few days, Rocket League announces some welcome changes coming to Rocket League Credits the game's trade-in process.There's nothing else quite like Rocket League, the automobile soccer game in which fast-driving, gravity-defying cars hit a ball around a futuristic field. Now, ahead of the game's third season, Rocket League is getting a few updates, most notably to its trade-in system.

A trailer for Rocket League's upcoming Season 3 was released a few days ago and reveals a new vehicle and new upgrades, but news of LOLGA the reworked trade-in system comes from a tweet Rocket League's official Twitter account sent out earlier today. The tweet promises that Rocket League's trade-in process will be made easier than ever, and the information in the link provided seems to confirm that this is indeed the case.