According to the previous time period that Grinding Gear Games added a new extension to Path of Exile every three months, they will now hold the 3.14 extension release work as scheduled. The 3.13 extension called Echoes of the Atlas, released on January 15 this year, brings players a rich and exciting combat experience. They are now even more looking forward to the 3.14 extension that can bring even greater surprises. For this reason, many smart players have already reserved a lot of POE Orbs in advance, just waiting for the game team to release it.

Tomorrow, GGG will live broadcast relevant information about the 3.14 expansion, including new mechanisms and new items that will take effect and new gameplay. They will officially launch it at 1 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on April 16, and game console players will have to wait until April 21 to enjoy it. It has reserved a few days for game console players. They can use that time to observe the experience of PC players after entering the new expansion and sum up some experience so that they can develop more POE Currency after entering the new expansion.

As for what is being expected, the trailer shows Vaal involved. Aesthetics also reminds people of the Temple of Atzoatl, the primary concern of the invasion alliance. Interestingly, the trailer ends with the logo of Path of Exile 2. The developer revealed that this will be the first appearance of Path of Exile 2 since ExileCon 2019. Path of Exile is currently available for PC, Xbox One and PC. A development manifesto detailing all the upcoming changes in patch 3.14 will issue soon, and an in-depth patch description will issue prior to release.

As for POE 2, it is currently scheduled to start beta testing in 2022. Players now need to focus on the details of the next few weeks and buy more POE Currency to prepare for their achievements. If possible, they’d better team up with friends to try the difficulty of the new expansion first, and then choose the solo challenge or continue to team up according to their needs.