When we give gifts, many people will give cups, which represents a lifetime. But the nice quilts we sent are either metal or ceramic cups, which are not easy to carry. These cups are not very convenient for picnics and entertaining guests, so paper cups appeared. However, there are many types of paper cups, including the Single wall paper cup .

There are only industry standards for paper cups, not national standards. Moreover, this industry-standard is only recommended and not mandatory. This situation may be the direct cause of the confusion in the disposable paper cup market. In the existing industry standards, there is no requirement for ink. Some companies take advantage of the use of toxic and inferior inks to print paper cups, resulting in the use of inferior ink paper cups containing toxic solvents such as benzene and toluene to enter the market grandiosely.

The Double wall paper cup , single wall paper cups, etc., as convenient daily necessities, have long penetrated the daily lives of thousands of consumers. However, if the quality of the paper cups that bring convenience to consumers is unqualified, they may become polluted drinks and endanger consumption The main culprit of the health of the people.