The Telescopic Faucet is essentially a utility model of a telescopic faucet. It includes a faucet body, the rocker arm is movably connected to the faucet body by a pipe sleeve screw, one end of the pipe sleeve screw is fixed on the rocker arm by a threaded connection, and the other end It is fitted with a sealing ring and a snap ring that limits the position. The end of the sealing ring is inserted into the main body of the faucet and fixed with a decorative nut. The other end of the rocker arm is movably connected with a water outlet arm through a pipe sleeve screw, at the top of the water outlet arm There is a water outlet; this design realizes the horizontal and vertical expansion and contraction of the faucet in the horizontal direction through the mutual rotation of the socket, so as to meet the special requirements of people. The telescopic faucet has great advantages in the kitchen, washing and other environments.

The faucet can be made of various materials, such as metal, plastic, copper, etc., but are plastic faucets poisonous?

Most of the plastic faucets on the market are made of ABS plastic. As a new material, ABS plastic combines the excellent properties of PS, SAN, BS and other plastic materials, and has excellent mechanical properties such as toughness, rigidity and rigidity. Toxic and tasteless, with good electrical insulation performance. Therefore, the plastic faucet is non-toxic, a good environmental protection and safety product, and consumers do not have to worry too much about the poisoning of using plastic faucets.

Although Abs Faucet are odorless and non-toxic, some manufacturers in the market are driven by profits and violate professional ethics, adding substances harmful to the human body in plastics to reduce costs.

Therefore, consumers must first look for the brand when buying a plastic faucet. The quality of a good faucet brand and after-sales are more secure; at the same time, check whether the surface of the plastic faucet is smooth and delicate, whether the plastic smell is too strong, and whether the handle is flexible, etc. Choose qualified plastic faucets.