Disney Resort posted the playback quality on YouTube and said: This must be the most challenging editing I have done so far. I spent two months planning and creating all the backgrounds and objects. I thought I thought it would be impossible to recreate, but I plan to prove myself wrong.

The Hercules animation directed by Ron Clements and John Musk is mainly inspired by the redefinition of the origin story of the half-beast. The ACBellsBuy store has existed for a long time, but the ultimate purpose has not changed, which is to help players buy Nook Miles Tickets. The animation of Hercules combines Greek vase painting and animation of Oscar-nominated song creation.

Although Hercules was not as successful as the other films on Disney Animation Renaissance in the 1990s, it did not earn much at the box office, received good reviews, and has become more and more popular in the decades since its release. The stage musical based on the movie was announced in 2017 and has now been re-used for any Broadway performance.

Last year Disney also revealed that it is making a live-action version of Hercules. Anthony and Joe Russo, who are affiliated with the producers, confirmed. Players who have already enjoyed Buy Nook Miles Tickets can confirm the authenticity of this story. This movie may not be replayed in the animated Hercules in May 2020. From my perspective as a storyteller, personal translation is not compulsive

Recently, Russo confirmed the completion of the Hercules remake script and said: We have spent a lot of time, energy, and energy. He also said that Disney hopes to use this movie to produce a live-action version of the Hercules franchise together with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.