Nowadays, many luxury hotel businessmen find that the furniture is very worn out in the process of using the furniture. If the maintenance is not timely, they will quickly replace the new hotel furniture, which also increases a lot of costs; so the following describes some Luxury Hotel Furniture in detail Maintenance:

  1. Maintenance of log hotel fixed furniture: In order to prevent corrosion of the furniture in the room, some corrosive liquids such as nail polish, alcohol, etc. will not be put, because these liquids only need to touch the furniture, it will damage the furniture. If the damage is formed, the furniture will be scrapped. Regarding furniture that can encounter water, such as eating tables and water cabinets, a layer of cloth will be added.

Daily: Use a sprayer to spray water-based wax on the surface of the furniture, and then dry it with a clean towel that does not shed hair. The furniture will naturally maintain its original luster.

Scratches: Hotel fixed furniture will inevitably be scratched during use. For shallow scratches on the surface of hotel fixed furniture, you can apply cod liver oil on the scratches, wait a while and wipe with a wet towel.

Regular maintenance: Use high-concentration saltwater to wipe the furniture every once in a while to avoid wood decay. When cleaning the dust on the fixed furniture of the hotel, use pure cotton knitted cloth, and then use a soft wool brush to clean the dust in the depression or embossment. Do not use gasoline or solvent to wipe the hotel furniture that has undergone paint treatment. You can wipe it with colorless furniture polishing wax to enhance gloss and increase dust.

  1. Maintenance of painted hotel fixed furniture: the position of furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Frequent sunlight will cause the paint film of hotel fixed furniture to fade, metal fittings are easy to oxidize and metamorphose, and wood is easy to become brittle. In summer, use curtains to cover the sun to maintain the hotel’s fixed furniture. The maintenance of painted hotel fixed furniture usually uses milk maintenance or cold tea maintenance. Wipe hotel tables, chairs, and coffee tables with a towel dipped in milk or cold tea. Not only does it have a good decontamination effect, but it also makes the furniture bright as new.
  2. Maintenance of fixed leather hotel furniture: It is not recommended to temporarily wipe with clean water, which will easily destroy the protein in the leather. It is recommended to use a flannel dipped in egg white to wipe the leather part of the furniture, so that it can not only achieve the purpose of decontamination and dust removal but also play a role in maintenance.
  3. Hotel fluff sofa maintenance: daily maintenance: alcohol is highly volatile and suitable for cleaning fluffy fabric furniture. Use a brush dipped in a little concentrated alcohol to brush the plush sofa, and then dry it with a hairdryer. Decontamination: Regarding the stains on the plush sofa of the hotel, you can clean it with soda powder mixed with water. After wiping, the stains such as juice will retreat.