How does Sealed AGM Battery work?

  To understand the working principle of AGM batteries, we must first understand the functions of lead-acid batteries. These products consist of lead plates surrounded by a liquid acid solution. Oxidizing these plates can power your vehicle. When charging a lead-acid battery, the oxidation process is retained.

  On the other hand, Sealed AGM Battery replaces liquid acid with gel electrolyte. This replacement eliminates the risk of hydrogen gas is generated and escaping during the charging process. Therefore, the risk of fire or the need to add water to the battery is reduced.

  If a trace amount of hydrogen is released, it will be released through the valve regulator. This ability is why these Sealed AGM batteries are often referred to as valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. It is also important to know that the plates of an AGM battery may be parallel to each other.

  This setup will be similar to the construction of the standard lead-acid type. But they can be spiral AGM batteries and have a certain pattern, which can minimize the space required for the battery. In any case, these Sealed Deep Cycle Battery represent a more practical choice than most other types of products.