Looking back on the past Path of Exile’s many leagues, the bosses in almost every league will bring great pressure to players. Some of them are good at fighting frontally and hard, some often hide in the dark and launch a fatal blow to the players, and some create an environment where the player’s characters are trapped to death. Players are scared and curious about these bosses. They are always eager to defeat these powerful and mysterious bosses to get POE Currency and very rare materials that can be used to enhance their characters.

Grinding Gear Games added a final boss named Oshabi to Harvest League released on September 18th last year. On the surface, Harvest League is a more casual league, but in fact it has a murderous look! Many players have harvested a lot of materials and Path of Exile Currency through their own efforts, but they still can’t escape the battle of Oshabi in the end. That battle is notorious for being unprofitable. Players don’t get a lot of spoils like defeating the boss in the past, but they didn’t get any. So it is almost useless, and it’s not worth the players’ effort.

Summoners, hit-based builds, and the clearest speed builds are going to struggle to complete the Hall Of Grandmasters Map. This map is so difficult that most players buy carry from others to complete atlas. While this isn’t a single boss, the Hall of Grandmasters pits the player against characters that purchased the Grandmaster Supporter Pack. Effectively, this is a boss gauntlet. It also enabled PvP scaling, resulting in any summoner build instantly dying. Most characters dodge or block, making most hit-based builds obsolete. If you thought Rogue Exiles were tough, try to complete the Hall of Grandmasters.

Therefore, players must learn to distinguish which bosses are worth challenging, otherwise they have spent so much POE Items and hard work, and finally find that what they have done is useless, then they will lose a lot. If they are not sure whether they can defeat the boss that can bring them a lot of loot, they can POE Currency Buy to improve the overall strength of the character. They can also create more powerful builds and skills to increase their confidence to fight.