Refrigerators are one of the indispensable household appliances in our daily life, but the volume of household refrigerators is usually relatively large, so it will be inconvenient to carry and transport, so there is a mini car freezer that is convenient to carry.

The Mini Car Freezer mostly uses the effects of space technology, without the bulky, noise and fluorine pollution of the compressor, long life, cute appearance, small size and light portable belt, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with dual-purpose functions; PCW- 07 Semiconductor portable heating and cooling box series products are equipped with DC (direct current) 12, 24V and AC (alternating current) 110V-240V power sockets (and are equipped with AC and DC power cords). Therefore, the product can be used in homes and offices as well as directly in cars. The product has a cooling plate with a service life of 85,000 hours and a DC fan with a life of 30,000 hours for heat dissipation and insulation to ensure the product's service life. ; Powerful refrigeration capacity: refrigeration: the lowest temperature can reach 5℃, which is 20~25℃ lower than the ambient temperature. Heating capacity: set by the thermostat up to 65°C.

Different refrigerators have different uses. Mini Car Freezer is suitable for carrying, while 12V DC Freezer is more suitable for home use.