Ring Joint Gaskets Manufacturer offers a variety of ring gaskets. RTJ standard size washers are manufactured according to API-6A and ASME B16.20 specifications. Full control of the manufacturing process can ensure the correct gasket surface and hardness, thereby providing a good seal without damaging the flange connection. The hardness of the ring should always be less than the hardness of the flange to prevent flange deformation. The sealing surface on the ring joint groove of the Ring Joint Gaskets Manufacturer must be smoothly trimmed to 63 microinches.

  Description of available parts

  There are two standard types of API ring joint gaskets: oval cross-section and octagonal cross-section. These standard shapes are used for pressures up to 10,000 psi. The dimensions are standardized and require specially grooved flanges

  R-shaped octagonal-octagonal and elliptical configurations can be interchanged on flat-bottom grooved flanges with 23° angled groove walls.

  R-shaped oval-oval ring joint flange, specially designed for flanges that have been discontinued. The flange has a circular bottom ring groove. Oval and octagonal configurations can be interchanged on flat-bottomed grooved flanges with 23° annular groove walls.

  Type RX-RX is a gasket designed for a maximum pressure of approx. 700 bar. This is a self-sealing gasket that uses pressure excitation. As the pressure increases, the efficiency of the gasket is improved. The RX series can be interchanged with the R series.


  The ring joints are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.20 (2007) standards and API specifications 6A and 17B. Full control of the manufacturing process can ensure the correct surface hardness, thereby providing a good seal without damaging the flange section.

  Type BX-BX is a gasket designed for extremely high pressures up to approximately 200 MPa. 1,500 bar These rings can only be used with API BX flanges and grooves. There is a horizontal through the hole on the BX ring of the Non-Asbestos Gaskets Factory, which is used as a pressure balancer.

  SRX type and SBX type – according to API 17D, SRX type and SBX type gaskets for underwater wellhead and tree equipment are vented to prevent pressure lock when connecting underwater. They have the same dimensions as the RX and BX ring gaskets with the same number, and they will fit the same corresponding connectors. "S" means that these gaskets have cross-drilled holes because fluid trapping in the annular groove will interfere with proper replenishment under the water (seabed). Through the vent hole, any water remaining between the bottom of the ring groove and the sealing area of ​​the gasket may escape into the device ID hole. The material of each specification is defined as a corrosion-resistant alloy.

  IX seal ring gasket-IX ring is designed and used where NORSOK CFC (compact flange connection) is used. These rings are made of three different sheets of steel and are coated with different colors of PTFE to distinguish them. Standard mark NORSOK STANDARD L-005 (NCF5). All markings should be inside the ring.

  There are many different materials for RTJ gaskets.

  Soft iron –

  Low-carbon steel-

  F-5 –

  AISI 304 –

  AISI 316 –

  AISI 316L * –

  AISI 321 –

  AISI 347 –

  Double layer S31803 –

  Alloy 825 *

  AISI 316L, the highest hardness is HB 135