Glass cups, enamel cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, iron cups, aluminum cups, wooden cups, paper cups... When we go to shopping malls to buy water cups, all kinds of cups will break into our sight, Especially those water cups with bright colors and unique shapes are even more attractive. But for the Double wall paper cup , we don't need to choose much. Because the styles of the paper cups are the same, and the appearance is actually not very different, it is not as difficult to choose as the water cup.

What's more, paper materials have a wide range of sources, which can be produced in large quantities, and the types are also very rich. Compared with the non-replicability characteristics of disposable plastic cups, paper cups are low in cost, light in weight, easy to transport, and easy to recycle. Therefore, paper cups are favored by more and more manufacturers. Comparing it with disposable plastic cups, its advantages are even more obvious. The paper cups are made of paper materials, and the sanitary performance, processing performance, and printing performance are all very good.

So in general, the Single wall paper cup is no better than our usual water cup, but it is much better than the plastic cup.