The oil-free compressor is very hot recently, what is the quality? Should I choose?

Is the air compressor oil-free? At present, many people don't know much about oil-free air compressors, and they will ask what is the oil-free air compressor? Oil-free air compressor is a new product in recent years, no oil is needed for lubrication, only water lubrication is needed, which can save a lot of operating costs. The following is a detailed introduction to the oil-free air compressor is good?

What is the difference between an oil-free air compressor and an oil-filled air compressor?

The core of the oil-free screw air compressor is the outstanding two-stage compression main engine. The rotor has undergone 20 processes of finishing, so that the rotor profile can reach the unparalleled accuracy and durability of an oil-free screw air compressor (18 sheets). High-quality bearings and precision gears are installed inside to ensure the coaxiality of the rotor and make the rotor match accurately, so as to maintain long-term efficient and reliable operation.

There are two types of oil-free screws. One is realized by high-efficiency filtration and not really oil-free. The other is real oil-free with water as a lubricant. At present, the best domestic oil-free machine should be the British brand Bristol. . Copco, the technology of domestic brands is not mature.

Luxi's oil-free machine is mainly lubricated by water. Due to the good cooling performance of water, the temperature of the machine head can be maintained at about 40 ℃ during the working process.

What is the price of Luxi oil-free air compressor?

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