Every homeowner wants a weed-free garden, lawn, fence, or driveway. However, weeds must germinate wherever there are soil and moisture. Are weeds all over your yard, fence, or garden? Are bugs destroying your delicate plants?

  If you encounter this situation, it is time to spray weeds and insecticides with the knapsack sprayer provided by Electrostatic Sprayer Supplier. This excellent tool is designed to help you spray herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers on your garden, lawn, or fence. You may be wondering: Which is the best knapsack sprayer for your garden? Electric knapsack sprayer or piston sprayer?

  Although electric sprayers are excellent, they are expensive and ideal for large farms. For your small and medium-sized garden, you only need a piston knapsack sprayer. Piston sprayers use the pressure generated by the pump handle (located on the side or top of the sprayer) to drive the liquid through the hose and spray gun before spraying.

  Advantages of agricultural knapsack sprayer

  Easy to install and use.

  Leakage is minimal.

  Spray large spaces faster than hand-held sprayers.

  Disadvantages of agricultural knapsack sprayer

  Some sprayers have very short belts.

  It is not ideal to use under high wind conditions.

  In this review, we chose the best knapsack sprayer. We have thoroughly studied the function of each sprayer. Let’s take a look at the capacity, weight, length of the spear and hose, and comfort. Please keep in mind that your sprayer will lie on your back for a while, so we recommend that you buy an agricultural knapsack sprayer, which has a good belt and trigger lock function, in case you need to spray continuously.