There are many rivet nuts on the market, and there are many that we come into contact with within our daily lives. In many cases, we are not able to judge very well or quickly what type or specification of rivet nut is needed where we need to use it. The best solution is to learn more about ourselves and find friends to know about it. However, this process is time-consuming and laborious, and we may not get what we want in the end. At this time, we can choose the custom rivet nut to obtain the rivet nut we want.

At present, the pressure riveting nut, one of the super large equipment on the market, generally adopts the technology imported from the United States, and the quantity is small. Need to pay attention to observe that there should be an input plate for processing and transportation of nuts. The nuts processed by the mold should be die-cast in the factory production process to test the performance of all aspects of the equipment. Sometimes companies need to strengthen the protection equipment when transporting nuts, the manufacturing department should deal with the external workers in the fall from high altitude, and the protective equipment should be fixed and transported by scaffolding.

Also, rivet nut equipment such as knurled rivet nut requires certain maintenance in addition to safety measures and maintenance. Large equipment should be kept in mind when using it.