Berries are the many tools utilized by Pokémon GO players to capture the Pokémon they encounter while seeking. There are currently five different berries that players can make use of on Pokémon during encounters, each offers different bonuses for players. However, using berries can feel like a waste following a player has thrown several, considering that the effect only works should the Pokémon is caught directly the following berry is used.

While it is understandable for Pokémon Go's Razz Berry and Golden Razz Berry, which give players an enhancement when trying to capture a Shiny Pokemon, the limitation for Pinap berries doesn't make all the sense. A Pinap berry doubles how much candy a Pokémon will drop from a battle, using the effects marginally boosted on 2nd and 3rd evolutions when compared with 1st stage Pokémon.

Players may use a Silver Pinap berry, that includes a slightly higher candy bonus, in addition to making the Pokémon much easier to catch, however, these rare berries usually are not worth using unless the participant faces a larger evolution, as players will often have a limited quantity. Pokémon GO berries could well be an asset to players should they each had their effects and mechanics built throughout the berry's effects, as an alternative to limiting use by generalizing how all berries work from the game.

There are numerous ways that developers could alter the Pinap Berry limitations to get more advantageous to Pokémon GO players. Players can Buy Shiny Pokemon and use them. The berry may have a time limit of three turns, or if it's used at the outset of the battle, the result lasts the duration, but players can no longer make use of a razzberry to boost catch rates. This will cause players to potentially use more Poké Balls at the cost of a candy bonus.

It would even be interesting to determine a Pokémon GO mechanic where Pinap berries employed to capture raid Pokémon possess a boosted effect. This would incentivize using Pinap berries after a raid battle capture, and further reward players for defeating greater difficult Pokémon. Pokémon GO players can have more fun using berries with better mechanics, making the usage of these items like a tool for catching considerably more satisfying.