The lipstick tube is the most complicated of all cosmetic packaging materials, and the lipstick tube is a combination of multiple components. The cosmetics market started in 2016, and all kinds of cosmetics products have become popular in the market. Therefore, it has driven the overall market of cosmetics upstream packaging materials factories. There are many types of cosmetics. Today we mainly introduce the packaging materials of lipstick tubes. Can help:

1. Basic materials

Lipstick tubes are divided into full plastic lipstick tubes, aluminum-plastic composite tubes, etc. The commonly used plastic materials are PC, ABS, PMMA, ABS+SAN, SAN, PCTA, PP, etc., while aluminum models are commonly used such as 1070 and 5657. In order to show that the product's temperament is consistent with the brand's tone, some users use zinc alloy, sheepskin and other materials as lipstick tube accessories.

2. Molding process

The plastic material of the lipstick tube is mainly made of the injection molding process, such as the cover, the base and the related accessories in the middle beam core.

3. Surface treatment

There are many treatment processes available for the surface of lipstick tubes. For plastic parts, surface treatment processes such as spraying, electroplating, evaporation, laser engraving, and inserts can be used, while aluminum products can be oxidized, electroplated, and anodized.

4. Graphic printing

The lid and base of the lipstick tube can be processed according to user needs by using a silkscreen, bronzing/silver, pad printing, thermal transfer, water transfer and other processes to process graphic information.

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