Why is the Ronghua automatic binding machine widely used by people? This has always been a question that Ronghua is thinking about when producing fully automatic binding machines. Ronghua believes that only by knowing why people need it can it have meaning.

The reason why Ronghua automatic binding equipment has always been recognized by people is that it has been constantly innovating. The difference between it and the binding produced by other industries is that the Ronghua automatic binding equipment has eight characteristics.

1. Press the "start button" for the automatic binding machine, and the drilling and binding will be completed at one time.

2. The maximum thickness of the binding paper does not exceed 70mm, and no adjustment is required.

3. The height of the drilling head can be controlled by the "up" and "down" keys of the hole position, which is convenient for finding the binding position.

4. Binding contains automatic control function, when the fault occurs, it can prompt the fault and the solution by voice promptly, and the prompt light flashes.

5. The binding tube is made of imported super high polymer material, strong resistance, no aging, no pollution, is a green environmental protection product, and guarantees permanent preservation.

6. One machine for two purposes, no binding machine is needed, and it can also be used for drilling.

7. The rubber pad can automatically rotate the angle, which is convenient for users to operate.

8. Intelligent automatic binding machine, with the function of automatically discharging the residual material tube.

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