Examination of the ductility of winding wire is also a very critical task. What elements will harm the ductility of enameled wire? Let’s take a look.
Enameled wire It is the most touched magnet wire in the large family and it is also the main purpose on the market. It has a wide range of applications. Because of its widespread use, it will have everyone's misconceptions in the question type.

The elongation of the paint film itself is not large. When it is applied to the transmission line, it has the adhesion force. It is caused by the mutual diffusion of the molecular structure between the paint and the metal material. Enameled wire paint is an optically active polymer, which has good compatibility with conductors, is beneficial to molecular diffusion, and has good adhesion.

 If the enameled cca wire surface is stained with non-polar chemicals or waste, it will reduce the adhesion of the paint film, and the softness of the polymer material chain is related to its carbon chain composition. The carbon atoms composed of two single chains can rotate at will according to the central axis of their management tightly. Increasing the degree of chemical cross-linking of polymer materials can increase the stiffness of polymer materials, but reduce the softness. When the molecular structure chains are chemically cross-linked, they are linked into a whole, constraining the molecular structure in the middle of the cross-links. In the fitness exercise of the chain, excessive chemical cross-linking makes the raw material lose its softness and enhance the ductility.