High-pressure airless paint sprayers are widely used in industrial production in modern society and play an important role in industrial production.

Compared with other types, the high-pressure airless sprayer is a spraying equipment, which uses high pressure, the paint is delivered to the spray gun through a high-pressure hose, and then the pressure is released through the nozzle to atomize the paint, thereby forming a dense coating on the surface.

1. First of all, compared with the traditional sprayer, it has the characteristics of high construction efficiency. Its efficiency can spray about 200-300 square meters per hour, and the average daily spraying area can spray about 2000 square meters. The high-pressure airless sprayer is equivalent to the manual productivity of 10-15 workers, which can greatly reduce labor costs, thereby greatly reducing production costs.

2. The spraying effect is good. After spraying, the surface is flat, smooth and full, without traces such as brush marks and curl marks. This is an effect that cannot be achieved by traditional manual scrolling, brushing or air jets

3. Spraying with a high-pressure airless sprayer can extend the service life of the coating. High-pressure spraying with a sprayer can enhance the penetration of the coating into the wall and make the coating penetrate deeper into the gap of the wall, thereby increasing the bite force between the coating and the wall and prolonging the service life of the coating.

Precautions for use:

1: The sprayer must not be placed in the same room as the object being sprayed, and there must be no open flames around.

2. Before operation, run without load, and then check the operation with water or solvent. Only after confirming normal operation, can the operation be performed.

3. Do not try high-pressure spraying with your fingers, and it is strictly forbidden to spray facing others. When spraying the gap, close the safety device of the spray gun.

4. Before using the machine that has been left unused for a long time, the insulation resistance of the motor must be measured and it can be used only after it is qualified.

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