The popularity of battery cars has been extensive. What are the correct use and maintenance methods for this type of transportation? The following Electric Bike Manufacturer will introduce the use skills of battery cars:

1. The electric car will rest for one hour when you arrive home
When an electric bicycle is riding, the battery itself will heat up. In addition to the hot weather, the battery temperature may have reached 60°C~70°C. Charging the battery at this time will aggravate the battery's water loss and reduce the battery's service life. The risk of battery charging. Therefore, first, stop the electric vehicle for 30 to 60 minutes, and then charge the battery after the temperature drops.

2. Do not charge the car in the sun
During the charging process, the battery is undergoing a chemical reaction to generate electrical energy. During this period, the battery naturally generates heat. At this time, the direct sunlight and the battery temperature approach the heat-resistant extreme value, causing the battery to lose water and cause irreversible damage. Therefore, you should charge in a cool place, or choose to charge in the evening.

3. Special charge for special car
Many families now have multiple electric vehicles, which may be of different brands and different models, and have different battery capacities. If you use a charger or use a low-quality charger, the voltage and current will not match, which will cause great damage to the battery.

4. The charging time is up to 8 hours
When the battery is short of electricity, the saturation charging will be completed in 8~10 hours. However, it should be noted that lead-acid batteries should be changed frequently, not over-discharged (every discharge is exhausted, and each charge is fully charged), it is prone to polarization, which affects battery efficiency and life. Therefore, the reasonable charging and discharging method are: at least 20~30% for recharge, 70~90% for use, and occasionally saturated charging. Careful maintenance will make it last longer.

5. How to charge a new car
When the electric car leaves the factory, the battery is full. Due to the sales period, a certain storage time is caused, during which the battery will have a certain self-discharge. After the electric vehicle goes home, use the onboard charger to charge the battery until the green light turns off, and then extend it for another 2 hours. This allows the electric vehicle battery to undergo a relatively complete chemical reaction to ensure that the battery reaches the extreme value for the first time. You can charge and discharge normally in the future.

Through the above introduction, EEC Electric Bike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.