Pokemon Go hosts monthly Community Day events when a specific Pokemon does have its spawn rate drastically increased. For a short time, players can focus on capturing that specific Shiny Pokemon. It also improves the chances of running in a Shiny version on the Pokemon that will learn a unique move only on that specific day. For the month of March, Fletchling continues to be selected. This guide will prepare players to capture this Kalos Pokemon causing all of its Shiny forms.

It's fairly surprising to determine that Pokemon Go is hosting a Community Day around a Kalos Pokemon. The Kalos Pokemon would be the most recent inclusions to your game and thus they weren't around for a specified duration for players to locate enough Candy to capture a Talonflame, the ultimate evolution of Fletchling. The Community Day is going to take place on March 6th from 11 am to pm local time.

Here are a few things players are capable of doing to prepare for that Fletchling Community Day. Before the events start, Buy Shiny Pokemon for first-time items. Transfer any Pokemon to create space for much more Fletchling. Use Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs for much more EXP and Stardust. Make sure to obtain at the very least 125 Fletchling Candy with Berries. Players should buy a Community Day box for 1280 PokeCoins. This contains 5 Lucky Eggs, 50 Ultra Balls, a Poffin, along with an Elite Fast TM. Look into the Bravest Bird Special Research. It costs only $1 and can add plenty of things to do for Community Day.

Pokemon Go will continue to add new events and content because its players love it. Considering that March is coming, and the game has provided a community day for Kalos Pokemon, maybe they will choose a future launch day. Since "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y", Talonflame has always been a fan favorite. This Community Day will be a big festival, so make sure you don't miss it.