With the Chiefs are probably not going away any time soon, that means that the rest of the AFC will have their work cut out for them this offseason to draw even with K.C. in hopes of conducting their hopes of attaining the big game once again. How do they do that? Below, we are going to Mut 21 coins highlight 1 thing that every team in the AFC will need to do this offseason to inch 1 step closer to knocking off the Chiefs and getting the best dog in the seminar by as early as next year.

The Ravens have an MVP caliber quarterback and have been knocking on the door of jumping up to that elite tier of teams in the AFC for the previous two decades. Provided that they are able to retain a couple of key free agents on the defensive side of the ball to maintain that unit among the best in the seminar, the biggest requirement for Baltimore is providing Lamar Jackson help in the passing game. Most of us know the Ravens have a lethal ground attack with Jackson and J.K. Dobbins coming out of the backfield, but oftentimes the Ravens needed more stability throughout the atmosphere. Locating an above-average pass-catching alternative for Jackson either at the draft, free agency, or via trade this offseason to match with Hollywood Brown and Mark Andrews will go a long way in creating Baltimore's offense more well-rounded.

If you were to bet on a team to dethrone Kansas City following season, the favorite is likely the Bills. Sean McDermott's club took a significant jump in 2020 which was largely because of Josh Allen getting an MVP caliber quarterback. As long as they are still have that needle going in the right direction and they take no steps backward, 2021 might be a huge year for Buffalo. As it is related to the roster, solidifying the offensive line must be a priority.

In all likelihood, the Bengals are not going to have the ability to really go toe-to-toe with Kansas City by next season. They are nonetheless a few seasons away from legitimate contention in the AFC. Nevertheless they have the hardest aspect of any rebuild finish after deploying Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick last offseason. What they will have to concentrate on the offseason is seeing that he recovers smoothly from his torn ACL and, in the meantime, build a solid offensive line in front of him. In only 10 games played, Burrow was sacked 32 times last season and ultimately was not able to mmoexp legit play through the entire season. He showed in these 10 contests that he is capable of leading a franchise to the playoffs, however, he won't be able to if he's getting bombarded with a weekly basis. If Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell were to collapse into them at No. 5, then that would be one heck of a start towards creating a wall facing the franchise savior.