1. Concept:

Conveyor line is a kind of food machine production line equipment used in modern industrial production. In fact, it mainly refers to a transmission system composed of various conveying lines responsible for processing and transmission in the entire production system.

  1. Classification:

The conveying assembly line plays an important role in the entire production and processing process of the enterprise, and this important role can only be brought into play after selecting the right equipment. How to choose a cooperative transmission line requires us to clearly understand the classification of the transmission line. The classification of the transmission line can be divided according to the classification of the transmission line in the pipeline equipment, but is not limited to the following categories:

Belt line: single-layer belt line, double-layer belt line, multi-layer belt line, turning belt line, climbing belt line, circulating belt production line, etc.;

Plate chain conveyor line: climbing plate chain line, circulating chain plate line, conventional chain plate line, etc.; mesh belt conveyor line: plastic mesh belt, stainless steel mesh belt type, mesh belt drying line, etc.; drum type Transmission line: power roller transmission, unpowered roller transmission;

Sprocket transmission line: The sprocket transmission line is represented by the double-speed chain series products, which can be used in various industries.

  1. Features:

The characteristics of the transmission line are mainly concentrated in production, such as:

  1. Convenience of production: the use of conveying pipelines simplifies the production process and makes the processing and production of enterprises more efficient and convenient;
  2. Controllability of production: The systematic production method enables effective control of the entire processing schedule;
  3. Save factory production costs, save the number of production workers to a certain extent, and realize a certain degree of automated production. The initial investment is small and the rate of return is high.
  4. How to choose:

Whether the selection of the transmission line is appropriate or not is related to whether the equipment can effectively play its production advantages in production operation. Choosing a suitable transmission line requires fully clarifying your own production requirements. The following points are for reference:

  1. Product specifications for production and processing: size, weight, shape, etc.;
  2. Product processing technology;
  3. The production layout of the workshop;
  4. Equipment operation efficiency;
  5. The daily output of the enterprise.

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