In order to ensure the quality of roll sublimation paper in the process of processing and production, in addition to advanced technology, of course, it also requires better equipment to process and produce high-quality products. There are many exquisite printed patterns. Customers are more concerned about the key points, so you need to pay more attention to the selection of materials, high-quality paper can be processed to produce exquisite patterns, and can also have more advantages.

      Choose brand transfer paper for processing
      In the process of production and processing, you can choose heat transfer paper with high brand awareness. Eco-solvent heat transfer paper is widely used in the modern market. In the process of understanding, we need to look at the specific places and Outside of the scope, you can also look at the evaluation and recognition in the entire market. Through detailed market analysis, it can be widely used to ensure that it can also be supported and recognized by more people in the market, so that everyone can know Advantages of the origin.
      Pay attention to the temperature and pressure of the heat transfer paper
      In the process of processing, of course, it is necessary to check whether the overall temperature and pressure are reasonable. Generally speaking, there is a clear difference between temperature and pressure, but in the process of processing, it is also necessary to check whether the adaptability is better. Reasonable temperature and pressure can make the whole printing effect better, guarantee smaller color difference, and bring more benefits in actual use.
      In any case, we hope that when you choose tacky sublimation paper, you can look at the use place and scope of the product itself. Of course, you need to understand a certain temperature and pressure in the process of processing to ensure high-quality products. You should choose better quality paper throughout the production process.