When Madden players use MUT 21 Coins to purchase some powerful player cards, they usually don’t have extra money to purchase items to upgrade those players. Players need to use training points to help players grow quickly. Otherwise, if they just play with unreinforced players, it is very likely that those teams with good chemistry and skillful cooperation will defeat themselves who have strong players but can’t exert their full strength, which is a shame. So it is very necessary for players to learn how to get enough training points.

First, they need to understand that training points are essential to enhance the players’ strength and improve their overall rating. The obvious fact is that those high-rated players can always perform better on the court. The first method to get training points is that players can get Lamar Jackson with a total rating of 85 by completing Superstar KO and sell him to get over 500 training points after obtaining it. Developers always change the reward type every two weeks, and players can continue to complete such tasks to sell Madden 21 Coins they get in the game.

Or players can try to buy some player cards with lower current value but the possibility of appreciation. They first upgrade these player cards to a higher level and then wait for those player cards to appreciate and sell them to get far more Madden Coins and training points than they originally spent. Compared to personal transactions in the player community, they would be a better choice to place those cards for sale in the auction house.

If players feel that these methods are time-consuming and costly, they can also seek help from GameMS. There they can buy many Cheap and safe MUT 21 Coins without any worries to directly purchase those practical upgrade items to raise the strength of the players in the lineup to a terrifying level. In short, both training points and this method are available, depending on which players want to practice. Good luck to them.