In our usual study and life, we still use a lot of Paper bucket .

The equipment for producing all-paper structure barrels eliminates iron and wooden parts, so equipment such as punching presses and shears are eliminated. The equipment itself greatly reduces energy consumption and eliminates noise. At the same time, traditional iron-hooped paper barrels The iron parts need to be pickled brushed, and sprayed, which will inevitably cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, the production of all-paper-structured barrels greatly reduces the environmental pollution of the production process. The production of all-paper structure also has the following advantages: raw materials are simplified, management links are reduced, iron hoops are eliminated, processing procedures are simplified, labor intensity is reduced, work efficiency is improved, and profits are increased: from the perspective of packaging development, all-paper structure paper The barrel not only achieves the purpose of green packaging and environmental protection but also meets the export packaging needs. It is an ideal packaging material.

Like paper barrels, the materials used in paper cups are all paper-structured materials, so the development of paper cups has been prosperous for a long time, and more and more people choose Paper cup wholesale .