The energy-saving performance of paper printing machine is a problem that people are more concerned about. So what are the energy-saving technologies of paper printing presses? What are the differences?

1. Heat pipe technology. When the hot air system using heat pipe technology is in operation, the hot air enters the oven and is discharged through the air outlet. The air outlet is equipped with a secondary air return device. Part of the air outlet is directly used in the secondary heat energy cycle, and the other part is used as a safe exhaust air discharge system. As the part of the hot air that is safely exhausted, heat pipe heat exchangers are used to efficiently recover the remaining heat.

2. Heat pump heating technology. The energy efficiency of heat pumps is much higher than that of electric heating. The heat pumps currently used in paper gravure printing equipment are generally air energy heat pumps, which can save energy by 60%-70% in actual tests.

3. Fully automatic hot air circulation system with LEL control. The use of a fully automatic hot air circulation system with LEL control can achieve the following effects: Under the premise of meeting the LEL explosion limit and residual solvents not exceeding the standard, the use of secondary return air can save energy by about 45% and reduce exhaust emissions by 30%- 50%.

Therefore, the technical skills of the paper printing press are very prominent, so it is a good choice for people. For more information about paper printing machines, please visit: digital printing machine.