So far as classes go, Blizzard has confirmed the Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid courses. Having two spellcaster classes along with a melee class limits the prospective courses that Blizzard can announce for BlizzCon 2021. Blizzard will most likely add another melee course in addition to Diablo Gold a dexterity-based course to complete the five launch courses for Diablo 4. With that said, below are the courses fans will least likely see on the game's launch roster.

Since there are two spellcasters declared for the sport, it's almost impossible for Blizzard to add more. Furthermore, if Blizzard plans to bring another magic-based class, it's more likely to happen in a DLC. As a result of this, the highly-demanded Necromancer class might need to take the back seat for a short time. Additionally, the Necromancer class was a part of the final game's DLC which makes it even less likely to appear at the initiation of the new game.

Everyone now knows that as far as Diablo lore goes, Heaven is now out of commission following its decimation. Because of this, courses such as Crusaders and Paladins who get their powers from Heaven is less likely to appear in Diablo 4. Since Diablo 3, fans are requesting Blizzard to bring an Angel class to the game. In the minimum, they also want a healer class added into the game. But given Heaven's status, this is also unlikely to happen in the upcoming game. Fans could argue that the devastation of Heaven is the best chance to present an Angelic or even Profession class. Many may find it a fantastic idea to see an Angel fighting demons in revenge for its realm.

The Rogue course was among the original classes in the Diablo franchise. When there are some that needs the course to go back to the game, the odds for that is low. It's true that the Rogue course relies on dexterity. However, the truth is that there are more dex-based classes which are high in demand from fans. Assassins, by way of example, are high in demand. Blizzard might want to prioritize adding this course instead of Rogues as it is exactly what the customer needs more. Rogue fans would just have to take comfort in the truth that Assassins and Rogues are comparable classes.This makes the Sorceress effective at serious sustained firepower, provided that players may manage the resource effectively. In Diablo 4, the Sorceress lays this down firepower through three elemental mediums: fire, cold, and light. Each has its own active and passive skills, as well as unique advantages and mechanisms such as the Sorceress. It's up to players if they want to concentrate on a single element, on 2, or take a more generalist approach.