Nowadays, elevators are very common, and the utilization rate is very high. At present, almost every office building has several elevators, and there are also freight elevators. Many people have this in mind that freight elevators are mainly used to transport goods, so they are not very "polite" to goods.

What WEBSTAR wants to tell you here is that no matter what kind of elevator is the same, it can't be casual just because it is a freight elevator. Here is what you need to pay attention to when using a freight elevator.

1. Must be lightly opened and lightly closed. (Prevent the door rope from coming out of the slot or breaking the door safety switch)

2. When the elevator is not stuck or malfunctions, do not touch the emergency stop switch. When the emergency stop switch is triggered, the emergency stop light or occupation light on the elevator panel will light up. Reset the emergency stop switch until the emergency stop light or occupation light on the elevator panel goes out.

3. Only all the hall doors of the elevator are good. Turn on the phone or use professional OFF correctly. When it is a hall door is not closed, the elevator has abnormal door panel lights.

4. When loading and unloading goods, please place it in the middle of the car (≥5㎝ from the side of the car) to prevent the car from getting stuck.

5. After removing the cargo floor, remove the hall and close it until the call panel or door light goes out to occupy the distance to ensure the normal use of other targets.

6. When the elevator does not stop on this floor, the hall door mechanical lock will be automatically locked. It is not allowed to open the hall door in any way except for maintenance. It is strictly prohibited to short-circuit the safety control switch of the hall door, and open the hall door to let the elevator system run. If it is found that the elevator is open with the hall door, you should immediately stop learning and use according to the operating conditions, and turn off the main power supply of the elevator and all the hall doors to report for repair in time.

7. Do not overload, specify on the call panel of elevator operation, the weight of the goods should be less than the carrying capacity.

For details, please contact: elevator supplier.