In summer, the most inseparable thing we can do without the air conditioner in the refrigerator. However, we will have some problems in the process of using the refrigerator. Some problems are unavoidable by the Cehst Freezer Factory , but if there are problems, they will be solved. Method.

The temperature of the refrigerating compartment of a cold refrigerator is automatically adjusted as the temperature of the freezing compartment is adjusted. When the refrigerating room temperature of the direct cooling refrigerator is too high, the temperature of the freezer compartment can be lowered. Generally, 4-10 degrees Celsius in the refrigerator compartment is normal. Note that the larger the number of the temperature controller, the lower the temperature, the larger the number in summer and the smaller the number in winter. Also, the refrigerator door is frequently opened, and there are many items in the refrigerator, which causes the refrigerator to not cool or the cooling effect is not ideal.

If there is a problem with refrigeration, open the refrigerating compartment door and see if the lighting in the box is on to determine if the refrigerator is powered on. If the light is not on, use an electric pen or a multimeter to check whether the power socket has electricity and whether the power plug of the refrigerator is well connected.

The above method is also applicable to top open door freezer .