Not long ago, snakeskin wore many Nike silhouettes, most of which were GRs. Since Sneakerheads 2020 is the last time the material has appeared since a long time, the brand ushered in its return to the top classic coat in '77. Designed for women, the product somewhat mimics the color scheme provided before. The "sail" is worked to the leather upper almost completely, matching the sole, laces, and tongue dyeing. Forward, covering along the toe cap and forefoot, the textured suede is treated to a gray neutral, effectively elevating the rest of the low-key palette. Then, on the top of the Swoosh logo, the aforementioned snake skin shows its scales, which are consistent with the dark and light earth tones.

Before the start of the year, New Jordan showed dozens of impressive vintage shoes in the 2021 competition plan. Although some ordinary suspects are also on the list, sneaker lovers all over the world are pleasantly surprised to find that the original Nike Air Max 90 "Spruce Lime" will be retro-fitted globally for the first time. Although the two returned in 2008 as the exclusive exclusive status of Jingdong Sports, they are not available outside Europe. Therefore, countless fans who have waited for 18 years of energetic Air Max options have to ask for help, pay the after-sale price, or simply bear the loss. Interestingly, the re-release is after the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90, perhaps to maintain a strong momentum. The outline doesn't need it, but if it is, Swarsh's mission is complete.
Nike Air Max 2090 debuted on March 26, 2020, and is no longer the latest chapter in the brand's visual air cushion series. Soon, this future sneaker will be available in the seasonal "peak white/champagne/football gray/black" color scheme. The mixed material upper is mainly light-toned, but the detailed design of the tongue and heel is famous for the "champagne" tone. The fender inspired by the Air Max 90 is kept simple with "peak white", but its latest brand offers a sharp "black" contrast. At the foot, the color palette is still the same, but the nostalgic pink hue takes center stage because it exceeds the largest unit of air around the translucent tape. The waffle-patterned outsole surrounds the shoes in a dark color.