Luxury Hotel Furniture  Wholesaler introduces the three dimensions of designing furniture:

1. Innovation is the foundation of design
Innovation is the creative development of new products based on the basic theories of modern design science and modern design methods. The essential requirement of design is innovation and the continuous development of new functions of furniture. With the advancement of society and science, furniture design requires the use of new green materials and new technology that are harmless to the human body. The computer is used to realize intelligence and integrate the tonality, brand, and function of the product.
2. Design that follows the trend
The design principle following the trend is to require the designed products to show obvious characteristics of the times. The use of modeling, craftsmanship, material selection, color, etc. must conform to the current trend; designers are required to have a keen sense of market smell and be able to launch marketable products in time to meet market demand.

3. The principle of sustainable development
Sustainable development is a basic principle that all modern industries must follow, and the furniture industry is no exception. At present, the voice of "saving materials and protecting the environment" is becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, furniture design must consider the principle of continuous utilization of material resources.
The design should be "reduced", that is, reduce the volume and materials of the product, simplify and eliminate unnecessary functions, and minimize the energy consumption of product manufacturing and use. The reuse of products should also be considered, and the furniture should be designed to be easy to maintain, reusable or reusable, and can be partially replaced; and when considering recycling and reuse design, pay attention to the uniformity of materials, reduce the inconvenience of sorting and processing, and reduce the cost of recycling.

Through the above introduction, 5 Star Hotel Furniture  Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.