Electric Bike Manufacturer introduces when is the most suitable charging time for electric vehicles?

The timing of charging the battery of an electric vehicle can be determined according to the situation. Usually, about 20%-30% of the remaining battery is most suitable for charging. Don't wait for the battery to run out and recharge, so as not to shorten the battery life due to "deep discharge". But don't be too entangled, you must use the power to 20%-30% and then recharge. In actual use, if the remaining power is less than 50%, you can charge it reasonably according to your needs.

It should be noted that it is best to avoid charging the battery immediately when the battery temperature is too high, such as high-speed riding or after the vehicle is exposed to the sun in summer. Charging when the battery temperature is too high will not only damage the battery, but may even cause spontaneous combustion in severe cases.

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