First of all, the problem of insufficient battery power is encountered. Generally, most of this problem is that the battery owner does not have a good habit to charge the battery. So bad charging habits will also cause a shortage of battery life. How can Electric Bike Manufacturer teach you how to solve this? This requires finding a charger with a larger capacity to fully charge the battery, and the charging time needs at least 4 hours.

Another way is to add distilled water to the battery. If you find that there is something wrong with your battery, then your kilometer will be very small and you can't drive far. At this time, just buy a bottle of distilled water, take out the battery and pour in distilled water. Then put the battery aside to dry for an hour, and put the battery back in. It is much better when it is recharged, and the battery life of an electric car with distilled water may be longer. It can be clearly found that its durability will be much higher.

In the cold winter, we should pay more attention to maintaining the battery of the battery car. It is extremely cold in the north in winter, and the temperature is generally below zero. For batteries who are very afraid of the cold, charging indoors is the best way to protect the battery. If you seldom ride once, you still need to charge once every half a month to ensure the life of the battery, so you must take care of it when you ride.

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