Easy in TODAY'S society, that is. What happens to our machinery when such an event occurs if things aren't like today's world? What if we are living in a place where there has been a "Carrington Event"-like Solar Storm? Our senior team are all passionate about technology and improving productivity so a lot of what I do is keep reinforcing the vision so we can align with that. Yes, you can boutiques near me filters, and fluids, even some belts and hoses. Coolant hoses are pretty high tech, really. Medical masks are designed to prevent the wearer from spreading droplets of spittle that may contain virii or bacteria onto a compromised patient. Which is why the medical folks (and Dr (clueless) Fauci) originally stated that "Masks are useless". The expectations are now dashed to the ground. As for Financial Bear 3x FAZ, I think the worst of the banking crisis is now over and would only be wanting to buy FAZ when FAS is overdone on the upside.


Goldman Sachs has resistance located at $155 as well as $156.86 on the upside. The next major resistance level is located at $20 per share. Royale Energy Inc. (ROYL) will now have resistance located at $5.65. Tuesday. MCP is now trading back above the 10 & 50 day moving averages. It takes tens of thousands or dollars to stock a food bank for even one day. Where are all those dollars coming from? Where are you gonna get the wheel (or hub) bearing that fails on the axle of your pickup truck? A simple oil seal failure will render the engine or transmission or axle unusable in very few minutes. Oil seals too. Tires can be patched, perhaps, and they are more or less standard sizes with that info written on the side, so they, at least will be swappable until the supply runs out. Or the oil seal? It takes more than 4 layers to do much good.