The epdm extruder is widely used to manufacture semi-finished products, such as pure rubber tubes, tire treads, inner and outer layers of rubber tubes, and wires and cables. It can also be used for plasticizing raw rubber, filter rubber, metal wire coating, etc.

Features of rubber extruder:

(1) Simple operation, easy process control, continuous automatic production, high production efficiency and stable product quality.

(2) Wide application range. Through the structural changes of the extruder screw and barrel, one of the functions of plasticization, mixing, and shearing can be highlighted, and combined with different auxiliary machines, the comprehensive treatment of different processes can be completed.

(3) According to different requirements of products, semi-finished products with various cross-sectional shapes can be formed by changing the shape of the head. It can also be mixed by two machines (or three machines) to extrude rubber mixtures of different components or multi-color composite tread rubber.

(4) The equipment has small footprint, light weight, simple mechanical structure, low cost and strong flexibility.

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