They slip black lotus, they fly about UNDER THE WORLD AS LEVEL 5'S performing shitthey fly in DM north infinitely generating mana pots and breaking up the economy. They then  take this gold after bricking the classic wow gold economy and market it back as real cash.

Lets please cut the bullshit and accept these"ban waves" are literally doing absolutely nothing and theres thousands and thousands of stone sitting around on arbitrary level 1  waiting to be purchased by suckers so that they can then offer the gold right back into the bots by purchasing the items they literally bot farm.

A bot below the floor in silithus caves carrying a rich thorium vein right alongside us. Have a peek at the name plate underground.Remember when they said that the reason they're porting it to the retail customer is they have much better anti-cheat in place on the newer client. Best kek blizzard.

Woulda believed they can in the least make it level 3s can't mine stuff that requires more skill than u can get at the level. Clearly this is a clientside test rather than a 
serverside one and the botters are harnessing that.

But obviously whatever it is mywowgold that assesses you've got the suitable mining ability is clientside - and not verified by the host.Random name plate spawns underground only arbitrary characters and mines the node and glitches off my screen. Was a low lvl toon if I recall correctly.