The long shackle padlock is designed for locking and marking devices. In addition to the features of high strength and light weight, they also carry a label to warn others that this is a locking padlock and is easy to identify. Self-contained tags allow many factories to reduce the use of redundant tags. Includes "danger" labels written in English, Spanish and French. The higher series includes bilingual labels, including English/Spanish and English/French. Languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than North America can also be used.
        The long shackle padlock series has a key fixing function, so the key can only be removed after closing the hook. This ensures safe and reliable use of the padlock in locks and padlocks. There are 8 unique colors to choose from. Laser lettering can also be carried out.
 Another advantage of iron padlock is that workers are unlikely to "borrow" it for use at home.