In the Christmas just passed a few days ago, Grinding Gear Games provided Path of Exile players with benefits on that day and hoped that they could play happily in the game. This prize is a free Twilight Mystery Box, which may help players make more sophisticated equipment or props. They will also have the opportunity to get more POE Currency in the upcoming POE 3.13 expansion soon.

Players should not mistakenly think that if they miss Christmas, they can’t receive the gift. Actually, it is not. The gift will be available until January 8th next year. All players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One can use Twilight Mystery Box to get more opportunities in the current Heist Flashback Event. This epic event is less than ten days away from the end, which means that everyone has to speed up their progress to prepare for the new expansion in advance.

But one thing players need to keep in mind is that they should not try to claim the box directly on the Path of Exile webpage just to save trouble or be afraid of trouble. It will not work. They must open the game client and enter the game store interface, so that the system will automatically distribute the gift to the players’ accounts, which is the easier way. For those novice players who created an account after Christmas, it is not very friendly because they have no chance to receive the prize. Each account can only charge one Twilight Mystery Box.

Now the much-anticipated new expansion is finally coming. Although the players do not know any information about it yet, as long as they wait patiently for January 7, the game team will announce its related information. Later, on January 15, GGG will officially add the extension to the game. Players not only need to complete the rest of the journey in the current epic activities, but also Buy POE Items to ensure a smoother journey to exile in the future.