Extension Drilling Tools factory through proper use and handling, drill rod will last longer, provide better results, and reduce operating costs. Drill rods account for 3% of the total cost of drilling. If the rod fails prematurely or accidentally, these costs may increase significantly. It takes a month to re-drill the hole and increase the cost by 9%. Through the correct maintenance and treatment of the drill rod, the high efficiency of drilling operations can be maintained, and the drill rod is regularly checked for excessive wear.
    1. Thread wear
    Sliding steel surface wear is the most common wear of drill rods. As the surface hardness increases, the adhesion wear rate decreases. Although some wear does not damage the performance, the worn surface is prone to further wear. Excessive contact or sliding pressure or damage to accessories can accelerate the problem. It is critical to the life of the drill rod. Choosing a poorer compound or a dilute compound can cause insufficient friction or interact with the mating surfaces, leading to adhesive wear.
    2. Regularly clean and lubricate the joints
    The compound of zinc particles provides a higher coefficient of friction and better resistance than the compound containing copper, lead or graphite particles. Choose joints with mating surfaces with different hardnesses. Systems with different hardnesses can extend the service life.
    3. Check and replace damaged or worn parts,
    Reduce the thread contact pressure by adjusting the feed rate and or the speed. Fatigue failure is a brittle failure or crack that occurs under stress or load level. It is lower than the static rated load but is applied or cycled many times. Due to the excessive gap, the joint may Failure to close properly, the thread may be deformed due to overload or overload, hammering, foreign debris or wear debris in the joint, and poor quality threads will also cause accelerated wear.
    4. Clean excessive Reaming Bit foreign objects or wear debris, use hydraulic tools to apply the required minimum compensation torque, when disconnecting rod joints, reduce deviation, drilling load and or pull back, do not mix drill rods from different manufacturers , Otherwise it may cause equipment failure and damage.